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Using Crystals

Crystals are one of the simplest healing items to use. Simply carry crystals to receive their healing and magickal qualities.

Wearing crystals close to the appropriate part of the body is another way of ensuring you receive plenty of crystal energy.

Wearing crystals as jewellery is another great way to release the energies into your bodies own energy field and help with healing your body, mind and soul.

When meditating, place your crystals around you, on your chakra points or simply hold them to feel the effects crystals have on you.

When performing spells and rituals, ensure your altar is adorned with crystals in the appropriate colour to your spell or ritual. This will enhance the spell or ritual.

Drinking the essence of crystals is another way to receive the healing energies from crystals.

Also, have the crystals placed around the home to ensure a flow of natural energy in your home or work place.

Whatever you choose, make crystals a part of your life and you will be touched by magick.