About Us

About Us

We are a company of two, sometimes three people. We may be small but we try our best to fulfill all orders as fast as possible. We believe we should all allow each other to worship in their own way and in their own time. Magick is a gift as is our planet.

We believe in Natural Witchcraft & the power that exists in all things great & small. We know that there are things, energies, greater than ourselves. Not to play with, but to co-exist with, to become one with, & to share our energy with.

Almost all of our items are handmade by us.  Hopefully we can help even if no items are purchased so please feel free to email us with any question big or small. We are always happy to lend a hand if we are able to. Again you do not have to be one of our customers to get any help from us.


Our Ways

We believe that every Witch is unique & can practice in their own way. We do not say you are wrong or we are right. We believe in freedom of religion, whatever religion, & freedom to practice how you like. We do not believe that you are only a Witch if initiated by another. The notion, ‘only another Witch can make a Witch’, is not in our belief system. However we do feel there are things you can learn from a Coven, Tradition, or family member that simply can not be learned from books.

Do I think that there are natural Witches, or born Witches? Yes I do. There are some that are born Witches & Magickal people – where it comes naturally – & then there are most who must seek out the Magick. Be cautious of one who would charge for teaching, true wiccan mysteries can not be bought for the same price as an expensive handbag. Real Knowledge of the Craft is usually handed down within a tradition or family & those people are very selective of who they will share their knowledge with.

Concerning Covens: They are a great place to find family, in the Witchy sense, & to share your rituals, sabbats, & just to be good friends. There is a wealth of information that covens can teach,  but  be warned, joining one is not to be taken lightly. If you have no real intent of sticking with it, or it is just fun for you, do not waste their time or yours. You should be sure it is what you desire to do, as a coven takes initiation & the knowledge they share very seriously. It is a path, a way of life in the service of the Gods, not just a daily game you play. Being a Witch is real work & magick takes effort. Within a coven you will find a home, real friends & ancient truths of the Craft. You can research covens on the net or you can visit your local Witchy shop for more info.

I  firmly believe Initiation is between you & your God/Goddess. Even inside the circle of a Coven it is still your connection. If you choose to do a degree level or have a high priestess initiate you that is your choice & there is nothing wrong with that….Do not let anyone tell you different.. You are just as much a Witch if you initiate yourself as you are if someone else does. There is no wrong or right way to be a Witch. Just Always do what you feel is right for you, (as long as it harms no living energy), not what someone else says is the right
thing to do.


Bide the Witches law we must, in perfect love & perfect trust

Eight words the wiccan rede fulfill, if it harm none, do as ye will.

What you send forth comes back to thee, so ever mind the rule of three.

Follow this with mind & heart, & merry we meet & merry we part!

Although the Witches Rede may be of some controversy to some, it is basic common sense & offers a way of living the Magickal life.

So, to all our Witchy friends out there: Enjoy your stay & come back soon.

Blessed Be………….

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