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Witches World features information on Witchcraft and Wicca. Have you ever wanted to try magick but have no idea where to start? Maybe you want to cast a little spell to boost a job search or try to get divine insight into what the future holds for a blossoming love relationship, Many people would love to give magick a shot, but are intimidated by the seemingly endless variety of options.

There are many ideas here for help in getting started. There is enough information here to get you started and does not go too in-depth on most subjects. However, there is plenty of information to look through! Pages are added and changed from time to time, so please be sure to check for updates. I hope that WitchEssence helps you on your search for knowledge.
This website does not contain anything which is harmful to others nor does it deal in the darker side of magick (occult, black magick)

The more you do magick, the better you get at it. Magick takes practice like many other things in life. When you first start out in magic you will have difficulty concentrating on your ritual objective, things will distract you, you’ll forget what you were going to say, you’ll feel silly performing the actions of the ritual, all sorts of problems will crop up. As you do more ritual you will find that you aren’t so easily distracted, you can concentrate better, and you feel more comfortable performing spells. Your results will also get better as you learn and practice your craft. Give yourself time to learn and don’t be too critical of your initial attempts, you’ll get the hang of it soon.

WitchEssence is a brand new site, we hope to have lots of exciting things here for your to learn about and enjoy.  Over the next few weeks we will be constructing the site content and so we hope you will will join us as our site grows.  We are sorry for an inconvenience but hope to have all of the things you are looking for soon!

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-The WitchEssence Team